Ocean Girl

I’m an ocean girl.
Not a river person
(although rivers are fine)
and definitely not a lake person
(lakes don’t go anywhere,
they’re greedy, collecting taxes from streams).
I have to have an ocean nearby
like a security blanket:
I am still here,
your old home.
Everything’s alright.
I need to hear the waves
against the shoreline.
An infant,
craving its mother’s heartbeat.

Just Abu Dhabi Do It: A Coffee Conversation with Michele Campbell

Michele Campbell

Michele Campbell, Diver into Adventures

There are some people who just know how to take a dive: Esther Williams, Greg Louganis, and Chevy Chase.

Me? I’ve always been more of an easer, with aspirations for diving. And one of the dives I’ve always wanted to take, despite being a pretty awful swimmer, is that of the ex-patriate, to be a cultural adventurer beyond just reading Henry James and Pablo Neruda and watching Planet Earth.

I’d like to ease comfortably into a job in France (like most people in France at the moment), buy vintage Chanel, marry 1966 John Lennon, and collect sea glass on the Mediterranean coast.    

But Michele Campbell is a diver. She’s the Esther Williams mermaid of ex-pats. After a year of planning, Michele is now living on the other side of the world in Abu Dhabi. And diving isn’t a new thing for her. She’s a schoolteacher and an improviser – way past water wings and wading. I recently had a chance to sit down with Michele (and by that I mean email her from my sofa), to talk to her about her move, her experiences in Abu Dhabi, and how she Yes Anded herself across the world. Continue reading

Dang Me (Hang Me)

Dang, Cowgirl!It was a nice day:
lavender and
sun screen and
a kid dancing like he was
losing his mind.
That’s the best way to dance ~ like you’re
a mad, evil genius
who’s just discovered
the cure for cancer
and had a change of heart and
your evil laugh has turned to giggles.

Everyone loves a good redemption story.
Everyone wants to be redeemed,
to pull for the hero to get it,
to pull for the villain to remember
that he was once just a child
dancing madly
before behaving badly.


Where was I…

I was remembering the lavender.
Like a proper Texan, I’m going to see
how it goes with tequila.
Cactus and flowers and a glass?
Nothing wrong with that.
It calls for a tan
and a man
and a nice, slow day.