Saturday Morning: Good Day Sunshine

Alamo DawnI miss the walkability —
(walkability is a ridiculous word) —
of Hawthorne Boulevard,
of things being in easy, strolling reach.
I took it for granted —
the fresh fruit, fresh bread, fresh coffee, and the brownstone stoop.
But I live within a mile or two
of everything I could want or need.
If I had a bicycle
(and a Xanax)
I could get there without having to drive.


Sunrise in Allandale

Sunrise Over The Goodnight

I love this part of town,
my part of town —
And even though I’m a Brentwood bungalow shy of perfect contentment,
there’s just no place I’d rather be.
Not even Hawthorne Boulevard.
Ok, Paris and London.
You have to spot me that.

And You Were There


These Are Not The Same Trees But a Similar Feeling

I’m thinking of you and I’m missing the West.
(There are so many reasons to miss the West.)
My arms are not big enough to hug all the people I love
from coast to coast
And my life isn’t long enough to be in all of the places I love
coast to coast.
But days like this (especially days like this)
Remind me of the grey Hawthorne days,
Coffee and the pumpkin island.
And you were there.