Buddha Faces at Bayon, Cambodia

The best thing about Buddha? He always looks like he’s up to something amazing, that he’s in on the joke, or he knows something you haven’t quite figured out yet. I keep expecting him to wink…

All The Falling Leaves (It Is Spring)

All the falling leaves

Austin Oak
All The Falling Leaves Say Hello

fall and kiss me on the cheek.
It is spring,
nearly spring,
and I’m walking through the drapery
of the air and the falling of the season,
from one into another…

And all the falling leaves
(it is spring…nearly spring)
fall and kiss me on the cheek,
their champion in the ring,
and the leaves are my confetti.

Something is Happening (All of The Time)

La Sardinia and The Umbrella

My Partner In Crime

I was taking a picture with my partner in crime (La Sardina), getting a shot of a red and white umbrella between the black iron bars, and a woman wondered as she passed me: Is something happening?

That’s the assumption in Austin. If someone is stopping, something is happening. Something is happening all of the time.

But isn’t that true of every place else, at all times? Something is happening all of the time.

Eidetic Dreams

I want to be a photographer. 
I  have always wanted to wander the angles of the world.
To frame the images with words.

38-and-a-Half Street Pond

And the pond was green with life (and everything)

My recent practice of observation days, of taking one day out of the week to do just that ~ to wander, to capture, to be inspired, and to describe what I see in the pockets of my city, in the shadows of the angles of the buildings and their signs ~ has made it clear to me.

It is the combination of words and pictures that move me most.

And then I recalled; I wrote a screenplay at the age of thirteen.

It is the combination of words and pictures that move me most.