I Think I’m Becoming a Werewolf (But Probably Not)

I’m obsessed with images of the moon and moon pies. That’s how it happens, isn’t it? It’s not from a bite or a scratch or some old gypsy woman reading your fortune with her one good eye. I watched Howling. I know it’s all about the craving. Pretty sure it means I’m a werewolf.

(I’m also obsessed with strawberries, and now I’m seeing them everywhere. What does that mean? I think I’m a werewolf in need of Vitamin C. Strawberries have Vitamin C. Pretty sure about that.)


When Is A Cloud A Disappointment?

Sometimes clouds are a disappointment.
It’s not their fault, really.
They’re just vaporing along.
(Notice, I didn’t call them vapid.)
But sometimes I am making
sun tea
shadow angels
(think snow angels but less substantial)
or I’m trying to read,
And they sneak across the sky’s cheek
all giggly with mischief
or rumbly with thunder
or purple with envy because
the sun gets all the attention.

I love clouds, though. I just want to be clear.
Especially in July.