Romeo, Romeo

I want a clear sky
and a cup of coffee
a borrowed sweater
and a telescope.
I have a love affair
with Aldebaran
(but I admit to cheating with Rigel).
I need a rooftop terrace
a spiral staircase
and a Romeo star.


The Stars Are Against Me (And Other Disasters)

I want coffee and conversation. And a lover.
I don’t belittle the life that I’ve made
(Please understand)
or regret it
(I’ve gained so much from it)
but stars… while they speak… are

(That gives new meaning to long distance relationship…)

I miss the folds of fingers
and the hello’s and goodbye’s that collide
galactic in doorways

(The Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies will have to be so much more patient than I…)

Spring Stirs Me In The Most Peculiar Way (I Am So Impatient for Flowers)

Capiz shell wind chimes
(I got them from Galveston)
And chimes mad out of
recycled green glass…

Whenever the wind passes by
it sounds like I have a visitor.
My heart rushes down the steps
of its corridor to answer the door.

Pre-party jitters, the anticipation of
greeting them all with a smile and a hug:
I am so impatient for the flowers to bloom!
And love.

If I Had Land (I’d Take Them All)

A Rescued Horse

Life will get better...

If I had land I’d take them all
all the starving ones
and all the old ones
and the young.
And I would repair their bodies,
help them remember
what life’s supposed to be.
I would run with them, I would run in the sun with them
and in the rain.
And when the sun goes down,
I’d walk them to their beds,
tell them stories of the racers
and the heroes,
and fill their heads with dreams.

To donate to Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society so they can help this horse and others, visit