Sometimes, Jazz Happens

The Lonely Shore

I was walking down
the lonely shore
of 5th Avenue,
the closed stores of our rendezvous,

How could you leave me there?

On some other night,
some other beach
of streets and taxis,
we might have wandered out of reach,

But you met me there…

It’s hard not to despair the ending,
it’s tempting when you’re walking on the shore,
to want… more…

I am walking down
the lonely shore
of Fifth Avenue,
past closed doors of our rendezvous,

Greatness (Here): An Open Letter to the Church from My Generation

Amazing post that deserves a re-post (or is that riposte?), that deserves thought (and consideration).
And most of all compassion.
And most of all love.
And most of all with a smile, with a clap of the hands, and a shout.
(You can shout hallelujah if you want.)

An Open Letter to the Church from My Generation.

Friday Night: Love Love Love (In 5 Years Time)

Austin, Rear ViewWindow down
on another perfect night.
And I was singing with
the my own songs,
driving through
my neighborhood.

Love, love, love…

Alamo VillageI love this part of Awe-stin.
Bungalows and neon signs.
It reminds me of my past.

Love, love, love…

Small houses and neon signs
in 1970s Richardson.
And I’m a kid again.
Singing in the wind.

Love, love, love…

Pictures taken in Highland – Brentwood – Allandale

A La Madrague

La Madrague is playing…

I don’t know what it means,
but I see painted toenails
tickling the surface of water,
and I want to wander
with my arms spread,
painted fingernails
brushing at the arms of air.

And I’m in a long dress…

which a short girl should never wear,
but I don’t care what the papers say
I am having a La Madrague day.

Whatever it means.