Ocean Girl

I’m an ocean girl.
Not a river person
(although rivers are fine)
and definitely not a lake person
(lakes don’t go anywhere,
they’re greedy, collecting taxes from streams).
I have to have an ocean nearby
like a security blanket:
I am still here,
your old home.
Everything’s alright.
I need to hear the waves
against the shoreline.
An infant,
craving its mother’s heartbeat.

What If…

What if
my hair?
(It has always been,
and when it is,
I am at my most
And nothing more:
not size,
not angle.
Just shine.

What if
my eyes?
(I have always loved them,
they are my favorite
color: grey.)
And nothing more:
not photogenia,
not perfection.
Just shine.

What if
my laugh?
(From my gut and heart,
up from the
tips of my toes,
like gods giggle.)
And nothing more:
Not numbers,
not ratios.

Just shine.







Greatness (Here): An Open Letter to the Church from My Generation

Amazing post that deserves a re-post (or is that riposte?), that deserves thought (and consideration).
And most of all compassion.
And most of all love.
And most of all with a smile, with a clap of the hands, and a shout.
(You can shout hallelujah if you want.)

An Open Letter to the Church from My Generation.

Friday Night: Love Love Love (In 5 Years Time)

Austin, Rear ViewWindow down
on another perfect night.
And I was singing with
the my own songs,
driving through
my neighborhood.

Love, love, love…

Alamo VillageI love this part of Awe-stin.
Bungalows and neon signs.
It reminds me of my past.

Love, love, love…

Small houses and neon signs
in 1970s Richardson.
And I’m a kid again.
Singing in the wind.

Love, love, love…

Pictures taken in Highland – Brentwood – Allandale