Tudor Ghost-du-Jour: Anne Boleyn

“People live and learn but you’re still learning. You use my mind and I’ll be your teacher. When the lesson’s over, you’ll be with me. Then I’ll hear the other people saying…”

I don’t know why Anne Boleyn’s ghost makes me think of The Hollies “Hey, Carrie-Anne.” Sort of fits, though.


Portrait of a Woman, inscribed "Anna Boll...

In life she was sassy, smart, and bold — not much has changed! Anne Boleyn has proven to be as tenacious and sensational without a head as she was with one attached.  

Her spirit has been seen wafting across the river’s bridge on the grounds of  Hever Castle, her childhood home. On a more energetic note, she sometimes leads ghostly processions in and around the Tower of London, where she was executed. Who doesn’t love a parade? Perhaps not the Tower guard in 1864 who ran through her spirit with his bayonet and prompted received a shock so strong it temporarily knocked him out.

 Bringing the drama, as usual, ghostly Anne appears on her death anniversary at Blickling Hall, in a coach pulled by headless horses steered by a headless horseman. The coach reportedly leaves her off at the front door of the building (chivalry is not dead, even when…

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