That’s A Wrap: The Austin 48 Hour Film Project

Oh, the magic of making movies! Take a peek behind the curtain, folks! This is how the magic happens!

The Big Blue Mess

We made it through the 48 Hour Film Fest weekend.  We made a movie!  And we got it turned in with 14 minutes to spare.  We watched other teams run, only to be turned away after failing to meet the 48 Hour deadline by mere seconds – some ran with their computers in their hands as their movie project finished rendering.

I knew there would be a story from the weekend.  I told a co-worker last week, “I look forward to telling you the story, because you know there’ll be one.”  She laughed and nodded. I guess I thought the story would be different.  I mean, how can you possibly write, cast, shoot and edit a film in 48 hours without something going terribly wrong especially when you have a cast and crew that totaled 19 people?  Different people, different temperaments crowded into a small space for a long time…

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5 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap: The Austin 48 Hour Film Project

    • We’re in Group B that starts at 6pm. We’re also planning to have a separate screening since we had to cut two scenes in order to make it on time. Plus, having that extra screening will allow of the cast/crew to see it (some aren’t able to make it next Saturday).. Richard is still working away and polishing it up. In fact, we worked on the scenes that weren’t in it just to save time for this additional screening as Richard finalized what we did have.

      • Sweet. I bought a ticket 🙂 since my 8:30pm one is free! Hahahaha! But we’re doing the same. Somehow some of the sound issues (very minor) that were fixed didn’t make it in the rendered copy. They’ve also asked me to make one of the songs full length. Folks want to record “Two Scoops of Justice.” I’m going to pitch it to Amy’s for a jingle. Ha!

      • That is going to be so awesome!!! I’m a little nervous about our rendered version. What I saw glitched, though Richard didn’t see it on his computer when we replayed it. And we just didn’t have time. I had to flee down IH35 like a crazy person so we didn’t miss the deadline. I would have been so sad if we hadn’t made it.

  1. Roanna, thank you for the repost. I’m really looking forward to your film, because I honestly don’t think you could have gotten a better choice for you. I know it will be hilarious and there’s SINGING!!!! WOOOOT!

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