Cup holders, Y’all. CUP HOLDERS.

I just met THE ONE at Pier 1.

I was wandering the aisles, looking for nothing in specific just wanting to get out of the drizzle. I walked around a gathering of shelves and nested tables and BAM! Love.

Go ahead; have a seat, he said. I knew it was a mistake. I told him: Oh, you are evil. But just like Eve couldn’t help taking the last Lunchable apple slice snack pack, I had to try it. I sat in the hanging chair, and fell right down in love.

Hanging Chair

The One True Comfort

This isn’t my first time, you know. I’ve been in love before and gone broke for love before. But this one is 10% off, y’all. And it has CUP HOLDERS. And it comes in peacock blue.

Think of all the books I could read, the margaritas I could drink, the lazy days just rocking back and forth, just being awesome. Awesome, broke, but happy.

When does Pier 1 close?

2 thoughts on “Cup holders, Y’all. CUP HOLDERS.

  1. He’s been telling me about the road trip. What a great idea! You took really lovely photographs. One of these days I’m going to get a big girl camera and take pictures like a grownup.

  2. I recognized “Legs Magee” from a conversation I had today with you know who! 🙂 great stuff you have here….enjoyed exploring your posts

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