Back When Killer Bees Were Cool


In Pez, We Trust

Halloween is now four days removed and there’s not a single Milky Way mini as evidence of its existence.

What comes first: the nougat or memory?

I remember when I could stretch out my Halloween treasure until Christmas. Oh sure, I might lose a piece or two, here and there, to “random razor searches” (none were ever found), but I always had enough to give me a piece a day until Christmas cookie season.

There was always two types of candy left over: Pez and the fuzzy butterscotch discs that were probably old when I got them. I happen to have two packets of Pez right now, in flavors “pink” and “red.”

Oh, Pez: the marshmallow peanut of Halloween candy…

Theory? Pez are Pixie Sticks compressed to bricks. Pretty sure they were invented by Egyptians and formed by Hebrew slaves. Or maybe I’ve watched The Ten Commandments at Easter one too many times…

Candy from the 1970s was comprised of two flavors: chocolate and FD&C Yellow No. 5 (the only No. 5 that matters — sorry, Chanel). We even had chocolate covered vitamins that looked like and virtually tasted like M&Ms. Yeah. I know. Awesome. I was the healthiest kid on my block.

…Someone should really invent little tiny Peeps — like Lucky Charms versions of Peeps —  and make a little dispenser for the delivery of said Peep chips.


Thank you, FD&C Yellow No. 5. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Back When Killer Bees Were Cool

    • Thanks! Remember all of the disaster movies in the 70s? Like..SSSsss and BZzzz! SWARM! Ha. I miss those. They have pleny of killer bees in Richardson, Texas. But no more killer bees on SNL.

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