Dang Me (Hang Me)

Dang, Cowgirl!It was a nice day:
lavender and
sun screen and
a kid dancing like he was
losing his mind.
That’s the best way to dance ~ like you’re
a mad, evil genius
who’s just discovered
the cure for cancer
and had a change of heart and
your evil laugh has turned to giggles.

Everyone loves a good redemption story.
Everyone wants to be redeemed,
to pull for the hero to get it,
to pull for the villain to remember
that he was once just a child
dancing madly
before behaving badly.


Where was I…

I was remembering the lavender.
Like a proper Texan, I’m going to see
how it goes with tequila.
Cactus and flowers and a glass?
Nothing wrong with that.
It calls for a tan
and a man
and a nice, slow day.

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