All The Falling Leaves (It Is Spring)

All the falling leaves

Austin Oak
All The Falling Leaves Say Hello

fall and kiss me on the cheek.
It is spring,
nearly spring,
and I’m walking through the drapery
of the air and the falling of the season,
from one into another…

And all the falling leaves
(it is spring…nearly spring)
fall and kiss me on the cheek,
their champion in the ring,
and the leaves are my confetti.


2 thoughts on “All The Falling Leaves (It Is Spring)

  1. Thank you, Susannah. That is very sweet and that makes me very happy. Kind words from a great person. I’ve been thinking that I should. I will look into how to make that happen.

  2. Susannah Raulino says:

    Your poems are always a light in my day. I hope you gather them and publish them. I will keep them by my beside.

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