If I Had Land (I’d Take Them All)

A Rescued Horse

Life will get better...

If I had land I’d take them all
all the starving ones
and all the old ones
and the young.
And I would repair their bodies,
help them remember
what life’s supposed to be.
I would run with them, I would run in the sun with them
and in the rain.
And when the sun goes down,
I’d walk them to their beds,
tell them stories of the racers
and the heroes,
and fill their heads with dreams.

To donate to Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society so they can help this horse and others, visit http://www.bluebonnetequine.org/help/donate.htm.


3 thoughts on “If I Had Land (I’d Take Them All)

    • You’re such a peach. This breaks my heart. I want all of the horses and all the other forgotten ones. I’d even take the chickens, even though the roosters scare me.

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