I Want to Live on an Alphabet Street

Avenue A or B or C — it doesn’t matter. I want to live on an alphabet street. Gimme an F, G or H.

Sesame Street is somehow to blame, I think. It filled my head with brownstones and boulevards, small streets, and riding a bike to the store.

I’m not far — about two miles (maybe three) and at least two-hundred Gs. But what I can get is a bike.

3 thoughts on “I Want to Live on an Alphabet Street

  1. I had a similar experience in San Franciso, walking with a friend. We realize we had walked about two blocks too far when we stopped seeing other people walking in the area. It was sort of eerie.

    I’m in Austin, Texas. Our alphabet streets are in Hyde Park and very old neighborhoody. No brownstones, though there are a few Craftsman homes (which I love). The other section of ‘alphabet streets’ I dream about are in the northwest section of Portland, Oregon. I lived in Portland for 8 years but those were *way* out of my price range, sadly.

  2. I just found you while looking at another blog, so I’m not sure where you’re from, but I’ll never forget that on my first date with my boyfriend, we were on Avenue B in the East Village of NYC and meant to walk to Avenue A but accidentally ended up talking toward Avenue D.


    People die there! Or did. Neither of us knew that it had basically been all cleaned up before either of us moved here; we’d only heard the stories.

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