Shoal Creek, Austin

Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas

Soul of Shoal

Dry. Brittle as glass, ground cracks with every step.
We could really use the rain.

We’re all waiting for nourishment.
We take what we can take
when we can take it.
We could really use the rain.

3 thoughts on “Shoal Creek, Austin

  1. Frequently for me, the words that come to me are all about the sound, even more than the meaning or the rhyme or the meter. It’s always sound first. That Sunday, I was walking on the cracked ground near Shoal Creek. We haven’t had much in the way of measurable rainfall since February or March. And the ground crunched under my heels like bits of glass. Grass isn’t supposed to sound like that.

  2. And we’ve had a week of it here on this outpost of a great lake. Little inspiration in the flow though excepting an old war wound whoopin’ it up making walking the new puppy a creative exercise. Oh, but I’m supposed to say something about your poem.

    OK ..first stanza really works so damn well but can’t figure it. I think it’s ”as glass, ground cracks.”

    So economical. So good. See ya

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